9 Best Free SEO Tools For 2021

 9 Best Free SEO Tools For 2021

Saiinfoways Technologies - 9 Best Free SEO Tools For 2021

I am going to show you the 9 Best Free SEO Tools For 2021. The best thing is, every single device in this list is 100% free, the place where marketers go for higher rankings and more traffic. And if you are looking for a tool that will help you get high Google rankings.

9 Best Free SEO Tools List

1. Most keyword research SEO tools work in exactly the same way as those that enter seed keywords into the tool and receive a list of suggestions. The problem with this approach is, everyone types the same exact seed keyword in these devices.

No wonder most keywords are super competitive. This is where the seed keywords come from. This helps you to overcome this problem. Instead of pulling seed keywords out of thin air, you actually ask customers how they find you online. You then use those keywords in traditional keyword research tools. For example, suppose you run an online flower delivery e-commerce site.

Okay, you will use that keyword seed called scenario. Basically, you ask people how they will search for the things you sell, then send that scenario to people and if you are like me, you will be surprised at the responses you get. At long last, enter the words that you find in your number one watchword device and you will track down some uncapped catchphrases that your rivals are not yet mindful of Which leads us to ours.

2. SEParator. I no longer included SEParator in this list, simply because it has a name that sounds like a terminator. However, it did not hurt.
With this, here's how this device works. As you probably know, search results change dramatically, depending on where you are and the SEO tool you are using. And this tool helps you to see the search results on different places and devices. You only need to specify your device and location and you will see exactly how the results will look when someone searches for a device from that location. Very well and now it's time for ours.

 9 Best Free SEO Tools For 2021

9 Best Free SEO Tools For 2021

3.Exploding Topics. You probably already know that the search for new trending keywords is an SEO goldmine and is simple math. If you target any old keywords, they are usually going to be accompanied by more blog posts, articles, YouTube videos, and content that you have to compete with. But when you are trending new keywords, you become super competitive before getting search results.

For example, some time ago, I wrote a post that was optimized around keywords, mobile SEO. Back when that keyword was relatively new. Although there were not a ton of searches for that keyword yet, I knew that Google was rolling out sites with updates that were not mobile-optimized, which meant that the search for that keyword was likely to explode.

And because I was in a super hurry, I was able to make the top three rankings for this growing period, a ranking I still hold today. The question is, how will you discover these new trending words? Ok, you can use Google Trends but the problem with Google Trends is that you need to know in advance what you are looking for. In other words, Google Trends is great for confirming a trend on a keyword that you already know about, but it is not really useful for coming up with new trends and topics. Enter the subject Explosion. Best Seo Tools 2021.

With explosive topics, you get a list of new trending keywords, which are presented to you on a silver plate. And the device has a database of trending topics in many different industries including health, fitness, marketing, fashion, consumer products, and more. Moving forward correctly.

4. LSI Graph. You've probably heard of the LSI keyword before. They are basic words and phrases that are related to your main keywords and when you include these words in your content, Google gives your content a wider view, which can give you a good ranking.

For example, suppose your target keyword is "Star Wars''. LSI keywords for "Star Wars" will include items such as Luke Skywalker, Jedi, Princess Leia, and The Millionaire Falcon. So, how do you search for LSI keywords? A very free tool called LSI Graph. Just enter your target keyword Seo tool and you will get a list of LSI keywords that you can sprinkle into your content.

5. Tubebuddy is a free Chrome augmentation that causes you to upgrade your YouTube recordings for Web optimization.  For example, suppose you want to use some of the same tags that the other video is using. Okay, you can easily use TubeBuddy to view those tags and use them in your videos. Or on the other hand, suppose you're searching for a watchword to enhance your video. You can use TubeBuddy to see the competition level on the first page of that keyword on YouTube, which leads.

6. word tracker scout. WordTracker Scout adopts a special strategy to watchword research. Instead of entering keywords into the tool, WordTracker scans a page and searches for keywords that appear repeatedly. That way, you can visit one of your competitor's pages and catch the keywords they are already using in their content. You can also sort the list of keywords by opportunity, which are the words that have the best ratio of search volume and competition. And now it's time for SEO.

9 Best Free SEO Tools For 2021

Saiinfoways Technologies - 9 Best Free SEO Tools For 2021

7. Google Search Console. No list of SEO consoles would be complete without talking about Search Console, why? Okay, if you take a step back, Search Console is actually a very feature-rich piece of SEO software. And unlike almost every other device in the market, the data you get comes directly from Google, so you know it's legitimate. For example, you can use Search Console as a rank tracker to check your site's ranking in SERPs. You can also use it to get a feel for the backlink profile of your site. Now, it's not nearly as good a payment tool like Ahrefs, but it's not terrible. Last but not least, you can see all the pages that your site has indexed in Google and if you have any technical SEO issues that are holding your site back. Which leads us to.

8. The Public Answer. Most keyword research Seo tools get their data from the exact location, Google Keyword Planner. Answer: The public is a little different. This tool focuses on the questions that people ask on forums, Quora, Reddit, blogs, and social media and it turns those questions into awesome keywords. My favorite feature inside the answer public is that they have a clause for the vs.

keyword. So, why is this helpful? According to my experience, keywords are great for SEO, this is because keywords are usually not super competitive and people who search vs keywords are very advanced, which means they are usually close to buying something. Huh. For example, I recently published this post comparing Ahrefs with Semerush.

Even though this keyword did not get a ton of searches, the people searching for this keyword are very advanced. Remember, these are not newbies who are looking at what SEO is or how it works, they are comparing two different paid tools. And these are the exact types of people I want to bring up, which is why I published that vs post. And like I said, vs. keywords are not usually competitive, which is why I was able to rank in the top three within a few weeks. And now it is time for our previous tool,

9. Animalz Revive. Resuscitate causes you to find more seasoned substance on your site that requires updates and overhauls or both. Before coming up with this tool, you had to find these pages manually in Google Analytics and it was a huge pain.

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