Pay per Click Services

Sell-Sell-Sell Doesn't Work here pay per click service will give your business a boom. It helps you to generate more leads and more sales. Spend minimum and get bigger returns than ever.

PPC Services includes

Advertise on Facebook,Instagram and youtube with higher reach to audience with custom strategies. Most influential platforms with your catchy ads leads you to more sales.

Remarketing Service

This is a smart advertising technique to reconnect with your past visitors with custom targeted advertisments that will mootivate them to call again or make a purchase.

Google Ads are the most essential features of PPC services for online marketing. Create Ad campaigns and sell products to customers.

PPC Audit

Opt for free PPC audit from our team and learn how to improve your strategies and check where you are lacking in your marketing.

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What our PPC services include?

When you choose our PPC services for online marketing, you will get a team to develop, manage and improve your PPC strategy. Plus you get our 12 years of experience in this industry of PPC campaign management.

1. We give you a dedicated development team with support staff.

2. We help you in keyword Selection and discovery.

3. We build custom strategy according to your industry and goals.

4. We target different platforms like Google, Bing, yahoo and youtube.

5. We manage your ad bids to maximize the return by spending less.

6. We keep a track on every call, conversion and Sales for you.

7. We give you report weekly to keep you updated.

4 Reasons Why PPC service is good for your Business

Strategy to increase traffic to your website which is cost effective and extremely targeted.

1. It Delivers Fast Result

As soon as you make a bid on a particular keyword from your website of good score, it is possible to get leads in the first week of the starting of campaign itself.

If you have time and need a long term strategy you can go for a different option like SEO, it will take months but will last long and the benefits of the wait are worth it.

2. Cost effective way to Advertise

In the old era of advertising when you advertise in the newspapers or television you pay for the space your Ad occupy. Same as today this PPC service follow; you have to pay to google every-time someone click on your Advertisment.

This is why it is called the cost effective way because you only pay for targeted clients who are interested in your products.

3. Track your Results Easily

Tracking of the campaign is most important because without this you never know how your Ad is performing and you get to know your weak points through analytics. When you see the results you can decide where to put your money.

PPC campaigns allow you to keep a track everyday and check how many clicks got converted, how many leads you converted to sales.

4. Increase Your Revenue

It totally depends upon the uniqueness of you Ad and the effectiveness of the landing page. PPC service allow you to achieve huge revenue through these Ad campaigns as soon as you make a bid and your Ad got live you are in the market to Sell.

Through the study top Ads convert 40% of their clicks to sale. you just have to make you Ad unique and different and bid for the right keyword.