Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques 2021




Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques 2021

Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques 2021


In today's Article Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques I would like to share with you some advanced traffic SEO tips, which will definitely help you in 2021 when we are talking about traffic and Advanced SEO Techniques Strategy.

What we need to do is start to be very granular, what does it mean if we are specifically running traffic or CTR Campaigns then we need to start breaking the metrics as we do for on-page and of-page, If we are on the page looking at the page, on the page we have to match all the metrics that are completely accurate to the page, which means where those links are coming from, what speed and traffic the user is now.

Hope I show you what I mean first and for that, we need a seed set or a seed keyword, which is going to create a seed keyword, so you can see that I really have the ability to create backlinks Ability, so it is under training.


SEO Tips & Techniques




Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques 2021

Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques 2021



  • My mind, but if we need to look at the build backlink, we first need to analyze the right competitor, so if we are looking at the here and we scroll down we can see that Keywords are at the top for this particular performance, so if we go to his site, we're going to expect here that we're seeing exactly what he's doing on his site, not just page by page, Rather its user shows its traffic signal. Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques.


  • This is the blueprint of the ranking, so let me go further here and dissolve it now. Now you can actually use a plethora of tools to break down traffic, but one of the best is the best half congestion, so if we take this tool, they actually have some things called traffic analytics you can use.


  • But if I go into traffic analytics and I type it up, go here and see the link here and it's going to tell us some important things because if we're seeing traffic we want to know where and how often it Ing is for.


  • For which keyword, then we start breaking it down so that we take a look at one of the first questions, which comes up nicely as to what I should do about the proxy, all I have to do in my country where I get traffic Should be sent Your competitor is right and we are seeing here that we can see that not only do we need to buy a residential proxy or mobile proxy from the United States, we also use Brazil India as the United States and Canada.


  • We can so let's get to where the number one traffic comes in the right country, so this is the first thing that now it's going to determine the predictions, where we'll start sending it from the next step, let's go to the domain mention which I  often talk about rights domains to see if the right traffic starts and ends on a particular domain, but a better way to analyze it is to just look at the competition that is currently beating you.


  • For his traffic page is more important than that, so we can see that his right traffic is mainly coming if we look here, but more and more here on Facebook is his project. youtube is Paypal, but if we go here you can see the report and have a look and see exactly where and at what level the traffic is so that the next stage is where the traffic starts properly, now you are right to Want to start with traffic and want to end, but stop it.



    Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques 2021

    Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques 2021

  • Competitor, Now we talk about the last step. When we are talking about traffic, it is an important element. So let's go back over here, I want to move forward. And I want to show you something, so if we come here, we are right.
  • To know this, go to the domain. Biological research we are going to do, we are going to come here, we are going to the exact URL and what we are going to do, we stick to the real domain because we want to compete because we want to miss again because We want to target the creation of backlinks, throw it here and see that this exact page is ranking for these keywords, so keep in mind that when we look at traffic, this number three is the keyword traffic and this page for keywords How much does the ranking matter.

  • for because if I'm sending in traffic I want to be able to match and mimic just like on-page and off-page I want to the traffic so here are the keywords that he's building this traffic from so this is how I'm going to start sending in the traffic this is how my page is going to be found now.
  • especially when we're talking about traffic especially for you guys in local markets or affiliates one of the key things that people miss out on is okay we figured out the proxies we figured out how much traffic in the keywords but if you're getting keyword traffic the one step that people.

  • Always, miss is branded traffic people are sending the keywords the variations and every other type of traffic from the right domains using the right proxies but if you're getting keyword traffic right for this instance it builds backlinks if I'm getting keyword traffic then.

I should also be getting branded traffic so if you're increasing your Keyword Traffic make sure you're also increasing your brand traffic and again you can mimic this based on your top Ranking Competitor so this is going to wrap up today's Article Advanced Seo Tips for 2021.

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