How To Increase Seo Traffic

How To Increase Seo Traffic: SEO traffic to your website than writing thousands and thousands of articles? Hello everyone, I am Garima Malhotra, and today I am going to tell you How To Increase Seo Traffic. I am logged into my Google Search Console. and that I want to point out to you something really interesting.

How To Increase Seo Traffic

Saiinfoways Technologies -How To Increase Seo Traffic

If I click the New button so that I can filter more, I can go to the search display, This will show me how much traffic I'm getting from things, well, because I've filtered. 318,000 clicks if you look here. not bad. And if I look at the last 12 months, I'm getting a decent amount of traffic from Google, right?

In the last three months, I am getting around 100,000 visitors every month. And then when you look at the last 12 months, the traffic I'm getting is over a million. And it really varies depending on the type of content I produce because some video content is really hard. And I'm also in B2B, so at certain times of the year, during the holiday months and stuff like that, it doesn't even do that. Some of the content is from social posts or posts related to Instagram followers, as you can see here, or Free Instagram Followers, so it may not be relevant to my business. And some of them are a lot more relevant, as the keyword research tool google keyword planner&ahrefs has.

So for years, I've thought, hey, I need to stop producing content just to get quote-unquote traffic. I need to urge more relevant traffic because I do not really help people with Instagram marketing from a business standpoint, but my ad agency helps with things like SEO tools or growth hacking. That's why we started focusing on relevant traffic that not only drives traffic but also quotes-unquote our ideal customer.

How To Increase Seo Traffic: Still, as you can see here, I only got a few clicks on SEO videos from Google. And as you can see on the Saiinfoways Technologies website, I publish my post here. So as you scroll through my blog, you will see Content. I embed them on the blog. I publish a lot of content every day. Well, here's a, "How to find new keyword opportunities consistently," isn't it? As you can see, some of the keywords that are related to Keyword Research, Keyword Tools. And I also have Google keyword planner&Ahrefs, which helps. "How to Track and Improve Your Rankings." Again, it doesn't have the number of followers on Instagram, let's say, but it can bring in the ideal customer. It can help me generate more sales and more revenue for my advertising agency.

So I even have content on everything, so the way to write a blog post. I have Content on literally all topics like this. Here may be a Post from start to complete some of them are pulling from my Website & social platforms, some from other people's social platforms. But it has helped a lot. And if you look at my social media platforms page, I am getting a lot of views. I publish my content here.

But the important thing is that I don't just publish my stuff on social media platforms. I am publishing this on my website as well, and it is driving a lot of traffic. I even have content on WordPress, daily seo tasks. I also have reels that I've been testing on social media platforms or shorts as they call it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. More reels of Instagram. And I create a lot of video content every week. And I don't really do much to optimize it, do I? I am using all the code.

I'm just making sure that's how my site is, all the schema markup, stuff like that. Tell Google what kind of content I'm using. But what I am trying to say is just to create video content and publish it on my blog. It's not that competitive. You can rank for a lot of things because what Google is doing is that they are including it in the results, so not only do you have a chance of ranking for text, but not many people make videos. So it's not that competitive.-And I would recommend that you do your keyword research.

So if you go to Saiinfoways Technologies and you say "Okay, I'm into digital marketing". So you can load up the  Google keyword planner&Ahrefs tool, which you can find at Google, and you can type in keywords related to anything. So I can type in digital marketing. And once you type such keywords you will see the search volume. Don't worry about the difficulty of SEO or CPC. Typically, however, the higher the CPC, the more appealing that term is. And prepare the content of all these popular words. You can also make videos on digital marketing agency, digital marketing jobs, digital marketing company. So in short, what you want to do is measure all the keywords you want to see, consistently find more and more keywords that have good volume and high CPC.

So digital marketing agency, here it has much higher CPC than other keywords, which is great. Digital marketing company, again, high CPC. Digital Marketing Services, Social Marketing Company High CPC, I can release a video on a course, give the first lesson for free, and then I can tell them in the video where they can go for the rest of the material. And if you do that, you'll find that you can get a lot of SEO traffic in the long run, just by creating the content-based video-based one that's super popular.

And I will get lots of keywords constantly. And once you find your favorite keywords, you can track them. So I might add agency, company, digital marketing company, let's see, services,  I'll add them to a list. So in Aahref, you can add it to a list. And I can make a list. Let's make a new one. so I can make on video ideas. I click the plus. And now those keywords are being added to this keyword list which I can find on the left navigation side. Then I can keep track of all the keywords I need to go on and create YouTube, Instagram, Facebook videos. And if you leverage this simple strategy over time, you can get more and more traffic.

How To Increase Seo Traffic

Saiinfoways Technologies -How To Increase Seo Traffic

But don't do the mistake I did. As you can see, I was getting a lot of video traffic from things like Instagram followers. If I change the date range to last 28 days versus the last 12 months, you will see that I am not getting as much traffic to Instagram followers as I used to get. And as you can see here, Keyword Research, Affiliate Marketing, Google Analytics. This is because I am focusing my video content on keywords whose CPC is related to my business, so I am not getting views.

You want to go after quantity with high CPC related to your business. And do not forget to relate to your business part because if you do this then you will get the views of the right audience and convert them into customers. So if you like this strategy and need help with it, we at Saiinfoways Technologies, your advertising company, can help you. It has to be plugged in there, like I showed you I'm trying to get the right kind of traffic. If you have questions about this strategy and want to do it yourself, that's fine.