Need of SSL for Websites

Have you ever noticed some sites URL starts with http:// and some with https:// if certainly yes then you are at right place as this small ‘s’ in the https:// ensures that your website is secure, encrypted and reliable as a result you can peacefully seek forward for online payment and secure your information.

What is SSL

The Secure socket layer is used established a secured link Between a web server and a web browser, this link ensures that all data traffic flows through this link will remain private and encrypted so that only the Legitimate user can access the precious data.


Is SSL important? Do I need SSL? Do I need to wear helmet while riding my bike?   Well the answers for these 3 questions is a big YES! , if you own a website or a blog the SSL is certainly for you  Lets find out how:-

Ask For SSL

SSL provide Encryptions

The main work of SSL is to protect connection between server and client, on installing SSL every bit of information is encrypted, in layman’s Term data is locked and can only be unlocked by Intended client, thus provide security for sensitive data like credit card details or passwords etc. SSL also provide a strong barrier to protect data theft by hackers and malicious coders by changing data to unreadable format and making it immune to most of theft attack.

SSL helps building Customers Trust

Have you seen google providing warnings about unsafe website before you access some unsecure sites , if your website or blog is not secure , it will hamper the trust of Customer where as if your site is secured , it will automatically generate trust in customer that his/her personal data is secured with you and they more likely to do business with you as compared to other unsecured sites .

SSL Affirms your identity

Beside providing Encryption and security ,SSL certificate provide authentication to your website , identity verification is most vital aspect in terms of web security as today there are many cases of fraud and fake websites people lost thousands of dollars dealing with such scam sites , at this point SSL certificate comes into play

When you install SSL certificate, you have to go through several validatioEn checks set by independent third party called certificate authority (CA). These CA not only verify your and your organisation identity , after that provide trust indicators vouching for your integrity . when customer see them they they know who they are talking to .

Better Search Engine Ranking

In various studies conducted by SEO expert world wide it is found that sites with Https:// having a upper hand as compare to http:// sites , who doesn’t want to see his site at GOOGLE first page among the top link , someone well said that “if you want to hide a dead body on internet , Google’s second page is best place” ,we hope your website finds a better place online .


SSL helps your website successful pass PCI/DSS requirement: -

If you accept online payments with your website, then you have heard about PCI/DSS requirement that in order to received online payments your website must be PCI compliant. SSL certificate is one of 12 primary requirements set by PCI (payment card industry)