How to Drive More Leads

No one wants to be second in the industry but it is sad to say you are not getting any leads. It is bad for you as well as your company and employees that is why it is important to get you back into the business. We will guide you how you can increase the leads generated from your website and increase your business revenue.

1. Search engine optimization(SEO)

People are still not aware about the importance of SEO that is why it is considered as one the under used strategies of Digital Marketing. Less than 50% of the companies opted for SEO last year, however it is have a massive effect on organic leads still companies are neglecting this truth .

Yes SEO takes few months to show results but you know good things take time. It optimize your search results on google and give long lasting benefits and organic leads.If your business is not on google no one knows on the web that you exists.

Improve your Websites Lead Generation

1. Audit whether you are really getting the leads you deserve.

2. Browse on google or social media and research about your market.

3. Make a record of the keywords you want to target.

4. Start optimizing your content and media with the best SEO tools.

5. Make your content visible on Website.

6. Check every month about your performance

2. Use Contact Forms

You can earn leads from your website also.

1. Give call to actions buttons so that user can contact you.

2. You can use Sign up forms or Contact related forms.

3. If visitor likes you website you are surely getting a lead.

You should not have a second thought in this if a phone call can give boost your business. We a re talking about 100s of call a month and that's your duty to convert those potential leads into sales.

If you don't attach contact forms and make a superb website there is no use of that. Every potential lead will need a contact form to reach you. Don't ask too much information because it irritates the customer to fill so much details and that will not be beneficial for you.

Improve your Contact forms

1. Test your forms properly that you are receiving the emails on that.

2. Ask people for feedback.

3. Use fields wisely, don't use unnecessary fields.

4. Make your contact form catchy so that people fill that.

3. Increase Loading Time of Page

Speed is also an important factor that people will dislike your website, if it so much time to load people will choose someone else rather than waiting your website to load. It effects your ranking on google and traffic from web.

Think as a user, Will you wait for a website for 10 sec? No you choose some website which load in 2 or 3 sec. This is called bounce rate when user come to you and left your website early that effect your page ranking just because your page is taking time to be visible.

Improve your Loading Time

1. Properly check your website's speed on google.

2. Don't use heavy pictures and content.

3. Don't use heavy plugins for your website.

4. Time to Time update your contents and pictures.

These are some of the reasons, We will turn your website by doing Some small and Big changes. You just focus on your business and leave this all on us. Start Generating Leads